Satara Hill Half Marathon

13th Sunday Long Run ( SLR )

    13th Sunday Long Run ( SLR )
    Sunday Long Runs
    Satara  July 28,2019
    13th Sunday Long Run ( SLR ) Details:  

    13th SUNDAY LONG RUN ( SLR )

    Everyone agrees that running is good for health and the benefits of aerobic exercise for the heart are beyond doubt.
    But is there something like too much of a good thing ?

    Can too much running actually be bad for the heart ?

    There is almost always an ongoing debate on this issue.

    This Sunday, we have our very own Adv. Kamlesh Pisal, former President of SRF, as our speaker for the post run Session. Kamlesh is a man who has braved the challenges posed by a hereditary heart condition & overcome it with his strong willpower and grit.

    In tomorrow's post Sunday Long Run Session, he will motivate us with his inspiring journey in the world of distance running and help us overcome our doubts about running in relation to cardiac fitness.

    Let's all come together again at Police Parade Ground, Satara on Sunday morning at 5.45 am ( 28th July 2019 ), for the Thirteenth SLR (Sunday Long Run) of our 16 Weeks Training Program for SHHM 2019.

    We'll go for an easy paced training run from Police Parade Ground to Bogda and ahead towards the Yeoteshwar hill and come back to Hotel Gulbahar.


    16 km for the 2.00 hr taining schedule.
    15 km for the 2.30 hr training schedule.
    14 km for the 3.00 hr training schedule.

    We'll start at 6 am & be back by about 8.15 am.

    The Post run Motivational Session will start at 8.30 am at Hotel Gulbahar & will be followed by breakfast.

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    It is compulsory to wear your Official SHHM SLR BADGE to participate in the Sunday Long Run ( SLR ) & post run session.
    Collect it ( if you still haven't ) from the SRF Office @ 1st Floor, Gulmohur complex, Opposite Hotel Sairaja, Radhika Road,
    by showing your SHHM 21K Registration and photo id proof.
    Time - 11 am to 6 pm on weekdays.
    9 am to 4 pm on Sunday.
    (Tuesdays closed)

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