Satara Hill Half Marathon

PNB MetLife Satara Hill Half Marathon 2017

    PNB MetLife Satara Hill Half Marathon 2017

    ( Satara Half Hill Marathon )
    Date and Time:  17 Sep 2017-17 Sep 2017 06:00:00-11:00:00
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    The PNB METLIFE SHHM is held annually in the historic city of Satara, the erstwhile capital of the Maratha Kingdom founded by the legendary Warrior King Shrimant Chhatrapati ShivajiRaje BhosaleThe route for the PNB METLIFE SHHM has been described in many ways by past runners. Its been called Beautiful, Scenic, Blessed with Nature’s Bounty, a run in the clouds etc…. But one thing is for sure – NO ONE has ever called it “Easy”!That's why it's known as "Ultra Half Marathon". Veterans who have run some of the most difficult distance races over the world have described this course as a tough nut to crack.

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    Venue Address:  satara