Route Details

  [ Note : Due to ongoing Road development work in Satara, the Start and Finish point of SHHM 2019 will be finalised and declared later.
Most of the route, however will remain the same, especially your 'favourite' hill section ! Meanwhile , you can have a look at the description of the route from 2018 below, to get a general idea of the route. We'll update the exact route as soon as possible.]



The iconic SHHM route has become almost legendary for its unique and challenging character.

In the seventh edition,the route becomes even better. Owing to development works in the city,the Start & Finish point have been shifted approx 1.5 km further from the original venue ( old venue was the Police Parade ground Satara. )

This year, the Race starts & Finishes at the Talim Sangh Ground, which is located in the heart of the historic city.

As a result, the Turn around point of the Half Marathon course has also been extended 1.5 km beyond the old Turn around. A very welcome and positive consequence of this change is that runners will get out of the city faster than before & get to explore even more of the breathtaking views on the Hills.

Route Description

The Race [ 21.097km ] starts from the Talim Sangh ground at 6 am.

Runners get a straight start with a gentle slope / downhill & a relatively flat course from the start for a distance of about 1 km ( as against the old route, which had a steep incline right at the start )

This first km passes by iconic landmarks like the historic 'Kamani Haud' & also goes through the locations of some of the oldest & busiest public squares and business streets of Satara. This straight patch ends approximately near the historic Palace of the Marathas ( Rajwada ).

At Km 1, you start to get a taste of a hilly incline, the first of many more hills to come !

This steep incline of approx 600 meters within the city section brings you to the Mirekar chowk on the old route. From here onwards [ km 1.6 ] we turn right and continue along the familiar ( at least for veterans of this course ) original route.

The actual Climba begins at approx. 2.4 km, near the Bogda [ Tunnel ], where we take a right turn and get onto the Satara-Kaas road.

KAAS, a World Heritage site - famous for its Flower plateau, is about 25 km from here. This is the steepest climb of the route, which is approx. 3.25 km long. It is important to conserve your resources here. It's wiser to walk up a major portion of this section, and make up for it on the return journey. You get a panoramic view of Satara and its surrounding mountains on your right hand side [ valley side ]

Enjoy the beautiful series of *Waterfalls* on the section between Km 5 to 5.5. We have built a special platform for runners who wish to take a dip under the cool natural spring waterfalls.

The Climba ends at Km 5.75 [ Niwant Hill Resort] & you get an easier Rolling hills section of approx. 4.75 km from here till the Turn around [ apart from a couple of sudden surprise smaller hills along the way ]

You will reach the Highest point [ Eagle Nest point ] of the route at Km 8.5, where you get an a Eagles eye view of the majestic mountains and the Kanher Dam and lake.

At km 8.8 [ Prakruti Ayurvedic Health Resort ], you may choose to take a short aselfiea break at the newly developed Runners Point [ 'Running Family' statues, specially commissioned and installed by Satara Runners at the entrance gate of the resort ]

At Km 10, you run into a short adipa in the road. At this beautiful place, you pass the Vishwa Ganesh Mandir. Take the blessings of the Lord Ganesha here, and pray for a safe and successful Finish ! You can also view 2 Dams from here [ the Kanher dam on river Venna on the right & the Urmodi Dam on the left hand side ]

At the Turnaround, you will be greeted by a panoramic view of the beautiful Plateau, with a view of the Kanher dam on the right hand side.

Turn Around now & head back to the Finish at the Talim Sangh ground. The route back to the Finish takes a slight detour at Km 19.5 at the Mirekar Chowk. Here, instead of turning left, we go straight, passing along the historic Adalatwada, the palatial residence of one of the senior members of the Satara Royal Family.

You reach Km 21 at the Satara Nagarpalika corner [ Shahu Chowk ], and take a sharp left turn, which will bring you within eyesight of the Finish. You can now make a dash for the Finish line here and finish in style, as its a slope and the cheering bands will be at their loudest & best here !

We really enjoy hosting you in Satara.

We are sure you will have Fun running our course too !


The route for the PNB METLIFE SHHM has been described in many ways by past runners. Its been called Beautiful, Scenic, Blessed with Natures Bounty, a run in the clouds etc. But one thing is for sure NO ONE has ever called it Easy

That's why it's known as "Ultra Half Marathon". Veterans who have run some of the most difficult distance races over the world have described this course as a tough nut to crack.

Veteran Ultra-marathoner Satish Gujaran from Mumbai, who has finished 5 Comrades marathons back to back, becoming the fastest Indian to finish it for four years on the trot has this to say about the PNB METLIFE SHHM

The PNB METLIFE SHHM course has many similarities with the route of the legendary COMRADES Ultra marathon, in South Africa. The uphill portion, coming around 2.4 km from the Start, bears an uncanny similarity with the fabled FIELDS HILL of the Comrades Uphill course. Every runner who nurtures a dream to run and finish the COMRADES some day, should run the PNB METLIFE SHHM to get a feel of what it is like, and use it as a stepping stone towards the ultimate glory The Comrades Ultra marathon !!!

It is clearly not a race to beat your own P.B (personal best / record), but if you do run this half marathon and finish it, rest assured that it will be a feather in your cap. The route is testing on the runner, but the challenge is worth it. This may not produce your personal best time, but it is very likely to be your personal best route!!!

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